Hey! We heard your feedback!

Improved design and user friendly

‘Carton box is hard to carry … ‘
‘It takes up a lot of space … ‘
‘Boxes are heavy … ‘

With the improved Fresher Dinners Insulated Bag, you can easily save a lot of space by folding it up. You can use it for your storage too.

We are glad to inform you that this Fresher Dinners Insulated Bag 2.0 tag along with promotions!

Collect 5 bags, $xx on us!


Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the collection.
Our team would be happy to assist you further.


*A gentle reminder that you can leave the bag outside the doorstep and our driver will collect the bag when he’s dropping the dinners to you. 

Have a questions? Feel free to whatsapp us anytime.

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