Choose between 2 Subscription Models

We offer ‘Billed Weekly’ and ‘Billed Monthly’ dinner subscription models.

‘Billed Weekly’ subscription models offer you the highest level of flexibility. You are required to commit to only a week’s worth of dinners and you will be charged on a weekly basis. Should you like to have the dinners two weeks later, just cancel now and subscribe again next week. 

‘Billed Monthly’ subscription models offer you the biggest savings! With the ‘Billed Monthly’ subscriptions, you save at least $20 monthly. This means you’re paying only $9.05/dinner/pax.

Will you need 3 dinners or 5 dinner a week?

Depending on your lifestyle, you may need dinners 5 days a week, or just 3 days a week. Opt for 3 dinners a week if you want to cook or eat out on some days. Opt for 5 dinners if you want to have a stress-free dinner time everytime you come back from work. The best part of all? We take care of your dinners with our multi-cuisine menu so you never get boring dinners again.

How many people are you feeding?

Our dinner subscription plans are catered for 2 pax, 3 pax and 4 pax currently. This magic combination of numbers work for most of our families’ lifestyles. For example, our 2 pax dinners are great to feed 2 adults + 1 baby/toddler in the family; OR just yourself, for lunch and dinner.



Food is serious business.

We take food seriously, which is why we are the first food company in Singapore to launch dinner subscription plans that offer a multi-cuisine menu. Not sure what it means? Imagine having Indonesian today (like the chicken satay grilling over charcoal here), Korean tomorrow and Chinese the next. Customers love us for the menu surprises we bring to their dinner tables – you will too.

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How can I cancel my subscription plan?

You can cancel for your next delivery, anytime during your subscription by logging into your account. Cancel before the cut-off date for cancellation to take effect the next week. However, if you cancel after the cut-off date, it will not be possible as ingredients and resources for your dinners have been catered for.

Can I choose my dinner menu?

It is not possible to choose your dinner menus. Our dinner menus are released two weeks in advanced for your viewing – view them here!

Why are your dinners 'blast-chilled'?

We blast-chill our dinners to retain the food’s texture, nutrients and flavours when you heat them up at your convenience for consumption. 

You can have our dinners anytime you want without having to worry about the safety and quality of the food.

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