Introducing a brand new packaging

Sturdy Carton Boxes Lined with An Insulated Sleeve

With a more stable base and thicker lining, the new packaging promises extra fresh Dinners wrapped carefully for extra protection.

With the double insulation of foam and cardboard, your dinners should stay even cooler and safer.

Accompanied with the wider base, your dinners stay safe without any spillage during transit too!

We encourage you to recycle these cardboard boxes by flattening them and placing them at the blue recycling bins.

“How would I get the $5 bag deposit that I paid upfront?”

All bag deposits have been fully credited to your Fresher Dinners wallet.


Feel free to let us know if you still did not receive your bag deposit.
Our team would be happy to assist you further.

Have a questions? Feel free to whatsapp us anytime.

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