Fresher Dinners is the first food company in Singapore to bring you a multi-cuisine menu for dinner subscription (tingkat).

Most of the dishes you see on the Fresher Dinners menu consists of
globally-inspired dishes that we’ve enjoyed; some from our travels and
some from internationally renowned restaurants.

Week 30-2

Non-Beef option for Sunday Roast will be Roast Chicken in Peppercorn Gravy

All pictures shown are for references only.
Actual food received may vary.

Week 30-2

Non-Beef option for Beef Rendang will be Chicken Rendang

All pictures shown are for references only.
Actual food received may vary.

Week 30-2

All pictures shown are for references only.
Actual food received may vary.

Request for Non-beef Menu

For menus that contains beef, we will switch it out to another meat depending on our chef’s magic hands. Whether it is beef or chicken or duck, the menu will still taste as good as it should.

1. Choose your preferred Dinner Plan.
2. Request for non-beef menu by indicating on the check box at checkout page.

Our Spicy Food Indicator

For all our spicy menus, look out for a chili icon indicated beside the menu name. Our level of spiciness is kept mild where flavours possible.

🌶 = Mild
🌶 🌶 = Spicy
🌶 🌶 🌶 = Hot

Looking for Non-spicy Menu?

Coming soon! Keep yourself in the know with our latest updates by signing up for our mailing list or follow our IG (@fresherdinners).

Ways to Prepare Your Fresher Dinners

All Fresher Dinners will be delivered to your chilled (we blast-chill all our food for tip top food safety and quality!).

Keep them in your fridge, beside your vegetable compartment – not the freezer!

When you want to consume them – for lunch or dinner – take them and just heat up! Each dish will have recommended heating up instructions (e.g. steaming, microwaving, oven-baking, stove-top). Choose what suits you best and have your meal ready in minutes!

Menu Favourites

As told by our customers, the favourites from our glo-cal multi-cuisine menu!

Ayam Panggang Pedas Manis

“The chicken leg was generous in portion and very tender! Perfectly grilled as well!”

Kimchi Relish Chicken

“The kimchi chicken had a good acidity from the fermented kimchi while the chicken was tender even though this was pre-cooked. Very appetising!”

Not-so-spicy Stir-fry Chili Tuna Steak

“We enjoyed this dinner… Overall, the flavours were enjoyable and the quality was good!”

Classic Mac & Cheese with Poached Salmon in Lemon & Dill

“Favourite meal this week, my kids love it too!”

Aunty's Beef Rendang

“We loved everything here! A good amount of spice in the rendang and kang kong that we loved. Also enjoyed the soup!”

Spiced Chorizo and Tomato Shakshuka

“The chorizo was great! Loved the toasts, my kids gobbled it.”


“I love how the mayo compliments the rice & anchovies side dish. Really goes well with the stew. I enjoyed it.”

Grilled Herb Blackened Tilapia

“We liked that the rice had black beans and dried cranberries in them. Gives the rice a sort of different flavour & makes it interesting. Didn’t expect much of the tilapia… but it turned out better than I thought.”

Grandma's Braised Duck Leg

“Duck was nice! Very flavourful. Rice was fragrant too, especially with the mushrooms.”

Butter Chicken

“This meal is our favourite for the week. I love the mushroom and vegetable tikka especially. Overall, the meal is not heavy nor salty, perfect for our taste buds!”

Emperor Herbal Chicken

“Chicken was very nice, juicy and tasty with the herbal gravy.”

Pulled Spiced Chicken Platter

“Loved this dish. The hummus and vegetable were really good. The pulled chicken was great too.”


FRESHER DINNERS is a modern dinner subscription (tingkat) service based in Singapore that offers fresh, responsibly prepared foods, better-than-food-delivery options, delivered weekly to your doorstep. No more stressing over what to eat for dinners, and no more instant meals that doesn’t do you good. Experience the best kind of food delivery and mealtime with us – taste, variety, convenience, family time and value – all that for just $9.90.

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