For the past 2 years,  we have maintained our prices from a range of $8.90 – $9.90 with no increase.
As time goes by however, supplies and operating costs have increased drastically.
From eggs to vegetables, from meat to seafood, coupled with the cost of running the operations, it seems that costs have jumped significantly.
Fresher Dinners has always been particular in selected our sources and supplies to ensure the best quality of food.
Pictured above is how we make our own
“rempah” to blend our own chilli!
In order to continue to maintain these standards, to continue to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all natural spices to keep sauces and soup stocks MSG-Free and ensure fishes are from good sources – with Snapper, Salmon, Seabass, Tuna and Swordfishes being our main fishes, it is inevitable that prices have to be raised.
The Fresher Dinners team promises to continue to maintain our
quality, service and consistency of produce.
Starting from Mar 31st 2022, we will be making price adjustments to all subscription plans.
Here’s what the adjustments will entail:
Delivery fee remains at $8 /trip.
Subscribers looking to order for more persons now enjoy a tiered discounted savings too. Rest assured, theses operational bumps does not mean we have stopped growing.
It is thanks to your never ending support that we have come this far!
Look forward to family plans featuring Kid-Friendly plans and curated Groceries made available later this year.
View the full list of each plan’s prices here:

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