72-Hr Legendary Smoked Beef Brisket


Portion Size: 800g – 900g

Our 72-hr smoked beef brisket is a must-have centrepiece on your table this Christmas.
Making its return this season, this brisket is an absolute melt-in-your-mouth, smoky and rich barbeque experience right at home.

Refined over the years, we’ve specially hand picked brisket suppliers from selected award winning farms in Australia.
The brisket is shipped to us and we trim them off into nice, neat slabs followed by marinating it in our own signature rub and glaze.

Then it’s prepared and smoked in our custom made, smoking cabinet for hours and hours.
Our dedicated team constantly takes care of the heat, fanning it and topping up hickory wood, managing the valves to ensure temperatures are maintained.

P.S. Did you know wood smoking is one of the popular choices for smoking because it gives food a rich, smoky flavor that most people love?
Smoking with wood also requires skilled hands to ensure that the temperature control is precise, managed and always clean to provide a succulent, sweet smoked salmon!

Not to be missed, celebrate Christmas with this beautiful brisket piece.

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