Hickory Wood Smoked Salmon with Smoked Cream Cheese Dip


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Portion size: 800g – 900g 

Smoked slowly over low temperatures in a custom smoking cabinet with hickory wood, this wood-smoked salmon is an explosion of flavours sure to impress your guests this Christmas 2022.

Served with a Smoked Cream Cheese Dip, this slab of salmon meat is indulgent, family friendly and all around a Christmas-y dish to celebrate this season.

[Did you know] wood smoking is one of the popular choices for smoking because it gives food a rich, smoky flavor that most people love?
Smoking with wood also requires skilled hands to ensure that the temperature control is precise, managed and always clean to provide a succulent, sweet smoked salmon!

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Recommended to add to your bundle for an indulgent family feast!

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 How to serve Christmas Festive Food Delivery Sets: 

All Christmas Festive Party sets will arrive in gold, aluminium sturdy trays that are perfect for display on the dinner table.  

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Step 2: Open cover and serve! 

(If dishes have gotten cold while waiting for guests, you may warm it up in the oven for 5-10 minutes. Yes our trays are oven safe!)


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