Specialty Chilli Crab (Freshly Peeled) with Fried Mantou for 4-5 guests


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All dishes will be delivered warm on your preferred delivery date and timeslot. For special request delivery dates, please drop us a whatsapp.

Want something unique and special this festive season?
Introducing our version of Singapore’s favourite local delights this Christmas!  

This Festive Christmas set includes our must-try Specialty Chilli Crab Sauce, simmered and cooked from scratch by our expert chefs.
Not only is it absolutely delicious and a sure win at Christmas, but it’s also fuss-free thanks to our freshly peeled crab meat (your guests don’t have to peel any crab shells!)
Dunk it with our large fluffy mantou for the perfect home-ly Christmas feel. 

Inside you’ll find: 

  • Freshly Peeled Chilli Crab (Fuss-Free! No Shells)
  • In-House Prepped Chilli Crab Sauce
  • Fried Large Mantou (Buns)

Recommended to add to your bundle for an indulgent family feast!


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How to serve Christmas Festive Food Delivery Sets: 

All Christmas Festive Party sets will arrive in gold, aluminium sturdy trays that are perfect for display on the dinner table.  

Step 1: Receive your dishes on the preferred delivery date & time, warm.

Step 2: Open cover and serve! 

(If dishes have gotten cold while waiting for guests, you may warm it up in the oven for 5-10 minutes. Yes our trays are oven safe!)


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