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What does billed weekly mean?

All FRESHER DINNERS subscription plans are billed on a weekly basis, meaning that you only require to commit to one week’s worth of Dinners!

What’s my weekly cutoff date & time to cancel my delivery?

Every Thursday at 12pm.

How can I cancel my subscription plan?

You can cancel for your next delivery, anytime during your subscription by logging into your account. Cancel before the cut-off date for cancellation to take effect the next week. However, if you cancel after the cut-off date, it will not be possible as ingredients and resources for your dinners have been catered for.

How can I change my subscription plan?

Cancel before the cut-off date for cancellation to take effect the next week. Subscribe again to the dinner plan you want before the cut-off date to receive dinners next week. For other requests, please write to us at


Can I choose my dinner menu?

Dinners are pre fixed for each day – view them here!

Is your menu Halal-certified?

Our kitchen is not Halal-certified. However, we do not use any pork, lard or alcohol.

Do you cater to any dietary restrictions (E.g. no beef, vegetarian, gluten-free)?

Not at the moment, but we will be exploring more options in the future!


What is 'blast-chilling'?
  • ‘Blast-chilling’ is the process of sending a blast of cool air through the food to quickly bring the temperature down to between 0-5degc 
  • Typically, cooked food must be consumed within 2-3 hours of cooking, as bacteria tends to multiply in warm temperatures.  
  • By using a blast chiller, it reduces the possibility of harmful bacteria growth so we can safely store it chilled and maintain the cold chain until it reaches your home for consumption.
Why are your dinners 'blast-chilled'?

We blast-chill our dinners to retain the food’s texture, nutrients and flavours when you heat them up at your convenience for consumption. 

You can have our dinners anytime you want without having to worry about the safety and quality of the food.

Do you use any MSG, additives or food enhancers?

No artificial anything! With the use of blast chilling, there’s no need for any stabilizers or preservatives to retain the integrity of the food.


When will my delivery take place?

Deliveries take place over 3 days:

Monday 3-6pm for:
Mon & Tues Dinners 

Wednesday 3-6pm for:
Wed & Thurs Dinners 

Friday 3-6pm for:
Fri Dinners 

What if I’m not home during delivery?

We practice drop off delivery, so you don’t need to be on standby at home waiting for delivery! You will receive an SMS when your dinners are delivered. The dinners stay chilled in our dinner bag for up to 2 hours.

What happens if my delivery is unsuccessful?

In the case that your delivery is unsuccessful (because e.g. not being able to access your unit if intercom is not answered, security guard denies entry), a second attempt on delivery will be made on either at the end of the day, or the next day. 

There will be a re-delivery charge of $15 incurred, which we will contact you for payment.

Note that our drivers will make at least 2 calls to your provided contact number before marking any deliveries as ‘unsuccessful’.

How do I return my Dinner Bag?

Place your dinner bag at your doorstep at your next delivery so our drivers will retrieve it. 


How do I update my payment information?

You can update your card details in the Account page.

How do I update my subscription delivery address?

You can update your delivery address in the Account page.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

For first-time subscription, you will be charged on the day of order.

For subsequent recurring subscriptions:
Weekly subscription – On Thursdays at 12pm
Monthly subscription – On the first day of every month

How do I use my FRESHER DINNER credits for my next subscription?

If you already have existing amount of credit in your account, the total amount of credit will be automatically deducted for your next subscription billing.

Stop stressing over your dinner.

Spend your time on things that matter. Let us take care of your dinners.


FRESHER DINNERS is a modern dinner subscription (tingkat) service based in Singapore that offers fresh, responsibly prepared foods, better-than-food-delivery options, delivered weekly to your doorstep. No more stressing over what to eat for dinners, and no more instant meals that doesn’t do you good. Experience a new, best kind of mealtime with us – taste, variety, convenience, family time and value – all that for just $9.90.

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