"It's like Disneyland for your dinners."

Fresher Dinners is a modern family dinner subscription service offering fresh, responsibly prepared foods delivered to your doorstep. We offer you unparalleled variety, convenience, quality and value. Experience a new kind of mealtime with us today.

What’s inside your Dinner Bag?

Your dinners

Labelled and organised for your easy handling

A hearty soup

At least one hearty, delicious bowl of soup for that extra comfort

Table Activity

Flip and read the meal card to find out about our ongoing campaign

Dinner menu

Discover the culinary story behind your dinner

Food is serious business.

We take food seriously, which is why we are the first food company in Singapore to launch dinner subscription plans that offer a multi-cuisine menu. Not sure what it means? Imagine having Indonesian today (like the chicken satay grilling over charcoal here), Korean tomorrow and Chinese the next. Customers love us for the menu surprises we bring to their dinner tables – you will too.

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Stop stressing over your dinner.

Spend your time on things that matter. Let us take care of your dinners.

Fresher Dinners vs. Traditional Tingkat Delivery

Fresher Dinners vs. Traditional Tingkat Delivery

Typically, the traditional Tingkat company will deliver to your door in the usual tiffin containers (we see more plastic containers now because of hygiene concerns). The family then heats up the different components of the meal and proceeds to dine together after...

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