Fresher Dinners is a brand new, local dinner service that launched in September this year.

Being a modern brand that was born and built by a trio of Singaporeans, it is like a refreshing gust of air through the skies of the Tingkat delivery world.

What is Tingkat?

Traditionally, Tingkat in Singapore had served a pivotal purpose in households, bringing food to their tables for lunches and dinners every day, or not, every other day. It typically offers the ‘3 dishes with 1 soup’ with predominantly Chinese cuisine.

Today’s Singaporean families seek variety especially when we live amongst tonnes of great, yummy food.

Apart from that, consumers have voiced their concerns on environmental issues. They prefer sustainable eco-friendly Tingkat single use trays over plastic ones.

Metal tiffin Tingkat carriers are usually an option, but due to hygiene reasons, it is not recommended.

So if you have not heard of Fresher Dinners – the new kid in town – definitely read on to find out why families are raving over these guys.

1) Fresher Dinners uses blast-chilling for the highest food safety and quality

Fresher Dinners uses blast-chilling technology for all their dinners.

What is Blast-Chilling?

Blast-Chilling is the most recognized and tested technology in the industry to maintain food integrity and safety.

It is the process whereby a blast of cool air gets sent to the food right after cooking when it is still hot.

Typically, cooked food must be consumed within 2-3 hours of cooking, as bacteria tend to multiply in warm temperatures.

By lowering the temperatures immediately upon cooking, the food stays safely chilled all the way to your doorstep.

Blast-chilling brings food out of the danger zone and reduces the possibility of harmful bacteria growth.

‘Extreme cold inhibits bacterial growth, which means using a Blast Chiller will preserve your food. So the likelihood of contamination is low.’ (Picture credit to Sydney Commercial Kitchen)

Basically, blast chilling means:

  • Food is out of danger zone and reduces the possibility of harmful bacteria
  • Maintains taste and quality of food
  • Nutrients and flavours are still retained, just as fresh as the food is when cooked

Fresher Dinners do not use any MSG, additives or preservatives in their food because of this – there is basically no need to!

Families know that Fresher Dinners take food safety and quality seriously – they even have a guarantee called Fresher Food Promise.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your food is handled with utmost safety consideration is a huge plus, especially so when there have been cases of mishandled food and food poisoning in catering.

2) Hassle-free handling and super convenient

When you receive your Fresher Dinners, you store them chilled in your fridge chiller (not freezer), pick out and heat up what you want to eat, whenever your family is ready to dine.

Traditionally, Tingkat meals are delivered earlier in the day resulting in the food being room temperature or cold.

This simple process is definitely a god-sent to modern-day consumers, who have no time to cook or wash up after cooking and still want piping hot dinners.

It is not intimidating, and in fact, very inclusive and uncomplicated for people who does not know a thing about cooking.

There are varying methods for every household’s heating preference – from microwaving, to oven-heating and stove-top heating.

All Fresher Dinners dinners are labelled with easy heating instructions and ‘Best Consumed By’ date so you know exactly how to handle the food.

Fresher Dinners Cover

To warm it up, just use any 1 method below:

  • Oven
  • Steamer
  • Microwave
  • Stovetop (pan / pot)

Unlike traditional Tingkat that delivers in plastic containers or metal containers, Fresher Dinners pack their food in paper trays that are microwave-safe and oven-friendly!

This means that there is practically nothing to clean up or wash after your dinners. Another plus point that bolsters the food hygiene aspect in this post-COVID era.

3) Multi-cuisine variety and menu offering for your family

When we talk about dinners, we talk about how much we enjoy them. And what better way to enjoy them with different cuisines for dinners every day?

Yes, you read that.

Different cuisine, EVERY DAY.

The multi-cuisine, weekly changing menu offered by Fresher Dinners is MSG-free and better-for-you, even their sauces and soups are made from scratch in-house!

This basically is your answer to wanting to have variety without breaking the bank, and without making a mess of your kitchen.

It already is a brave task to be cooking dinners, let alone cooking a different cuisine everyday. Imagine the amount of groceries and ingredients you need to buy… *breathes heavily*

Imagine having Indonesian Ayam Panggang Pedas Manis (Grilled Chicken Leg) today, Korean Kimchi Chicken Relish tomorrow, and a Beef Brisket Burger the next day.

That is almost like having an international buffet, but on separate days, in the comforts of your own home with your family.

The effort invested in Fresher Dinners’ R&D to make food variety a fundamental, and not luxury in our dinners is a solid winner.

Get a peek into their upcoming menu here.

4) The upcoming iconic Fresher Dinners
Dinner Bag

This is a less talked about point but definitely worth mentioning.

When you receive your Fresher Dinners, you will receive them in an insulated Dinner Bag.

Fresher Dinners has nicely coined the term ‘Dinner Bag’ because they want you to embrace it like how you would embrace a reusable grocery bag, or like when you use the trolley at supermarkets.

Tingkat deliveries in Singapore usually hang plastic bags of containers at the gate when they dropoff in the afternoon. 

The Dinner Bag allows for complete safe transportation of chilled dinners until it is dropped off at your doorstep. 

How it Works

You pay a small fee ($5) as a deposit at checkout, and that fee is fully refundable in credits if you decide to return the bag at your next order.

You’re free to keep the bag if you need to.

Use it for your grocery shopping, for storing temperature-sensitive items like raw meats and milk or even for a picnic trip to Botanic Gardens to keep that chilled hummus! It makes a handy buddy.

Not convinced yet – how about letting it be your cat’s new toy? Just kidding.

It is in the brand’s DNA to work towards being a more sustainable and environmental-friendly brand.

This small step of switching out plastic bags for a reusable insulated Dinner Bag deserves a pat on the shoulders, and we look forward to more in the coming future.

5) Impressive value from $9.05 per dinner

The best way to describe a Fresher Dinners experience? Your best $9.90 spent.

Monthly plans offer savings at $9.05/dinner.

Fresher Dinners checks all the boxes for someone who is looking for dinner solutions or dinner subscriptions, just like Tingkat delivery. It is even at the same price as most Tingkat deliveries in Singapore. 

Convenience, cuisine variety, food quality, delicious taste and family bonding time – all that value for less than ten bucks is impressive.

Their ‘Billed Weekly. Cancel Anytime’ messaging emphasizes a low commitment and flexible model that is friendly and welcoming.

Perfect for new or seasoned Tingkat consumers to try them out.

Fresher Dinners is a brand that stems from the right competitive mindset, genuinely understands the challenges and pain points of consumers and actions to make them pleasant and possible. Doing all of the above albeit being a new brand, it is no wonder they are winning consumers’ hearts (and bellies). Now, it is not hard to understand why families rate Fresher Dinners as the best new Tingkat service.

Experience a new kind of mealtime with Fresher Dinners

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