If you have tried traditional tingkat and are looking to try best unique tingkat experiences then Fresher Dinners is for you.

A new modern concept tingkat in Singapore, Fresher Dinners offers international cuisine, flexible plans and flat-rate islandwide deliveries to all types of residences. 

Difference No. 1
Fresh and safe for families

At Fresher Dinners, your dinners promises to be fresher and safer thanks to their global standard blast chilling process.

Once it’s cooked, the food gets chilled within a quick 20minutes, to lock in the freshness and prevent any bacteria growth.

This standard of chilling is similar to how sashimi is being chilled and transported to Singapore, so rest assured you and your family will enjoy the highest quality of food at Fresher Dinners the best tingkat in Singapore.

Each Fresher Dinners tingkat delivery order is packed and sealed in an insulated box, to keep it fresh and maintain its integrity and nutrients.

This way, your tingkat dinners do not have to be hung on your gate at room temperatures hours before your dinner time. 

Difference no.2
Easy to handle 

Receive, store, heat, and enjoy!

Fresher Dinners can be easily placed in the fridge for up to 3 days. Again, thanks to their industrial blast chilling process.

This allows flexibility and choice as you can decide what to eat on which day.

Every meal in each tingkat dinner delivered comes printed with very clear and simple labels that tell you more than 1 way to prepare your dinners.

From steaming to oven, to microwave, to the stovetop, you are free to decide! 

Enjoy the luxury of flexibility as Fresher Dinners tingkat dinners can be prepared at anytime you need. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a last minute change in plans, or a dinner appointment.

Fresher Dinners stays safe and fresh in your fridge until the next day. 

Flat-Rate Islandwide deliveries 

Delivery fees is the same for ALL residences at $8 islandwide.

There is no extra charges for private residences as Fresher Dinners deliver islandwide to condominiums and even to Sentosa

Difference no.4
Multi-cuisine weekly

Unboxing the best tingkat dinners from Fresher Dinners weekly is like Christmas everyday, as dinners delivered every week is always a different kind of cuisine.

Look forward to food such as Ayam Panggang, Tom Yam Pasta, Korean Kimchi Stew, and more!  

Enjoy cuisines from different continents without having to travel, and satisfy any picky eaters with Fresher Dinners best modern tingkat delivery for family and kids! 


difference no.5
Weekly menu release

As Fresher Dinners prepares a unique menu, we prefer to design a seasonal menu that changes every week.

Look forward to updated weekly tingkat dinner menus complete with pictures on the Menu Page!

Difference no.6
Options to choose between 3 Dinners or 5 Dinners 

While most traditional tingkat requires a 5-Day or 20-Day plan commitment, Fresher Dinners offers 2 conveniently designed plans:

3-Dinners a week, or 5-Dinners a week.

If you are looking to cook or dine out on other days, the 3-Dinners plan is a great option for you.

You’ll receive 3 sets of dinners which keeps fresh for 4 days and you can enjoy anytime between Monday – Thursday. 

If you are looking for hassle-free dinners every day, the 5-Dinners plan works the best for you. 

You’ll receive 5 sets of dinners which keeps fresh for 6 days and you can enjoy anytime between Monday – Saturday. 

Difference no.7
Super Fun Games and
Prizes to win EACH WEEK!

Every tingkat dinners delivered to you comes with a set of family bonding games that are created by the team.

Solve the puzzles with the family and win attractive prizes! 

Come home to fresher dinners

Fresher Dinners Tingkat Delivery are available in plans for families from 2 persons to 4 persons, for 3 Dinners or 5 Dinners

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