Fresher Dinners is a new modern tingkat delivery in Singapore that provides fresh, safe, and family-friendly dinners with flexible and hassle-free delivery plans. 

Enjoy a delicious international menu, worthy of the pickest fussy eaters

Now you and your family can experience a variety of international cuisine every week!

Like an international buffet experience, enjoy dinners such as Chinese Herbal Chicken, Indonesian Ayam Panggang, Thai Tom Yam Pasta, Korean Kimchi Stew, and many more! 

They use all natural ingredients, and only olive oil in all their cooking

Fresher Dinners pride themselves on their made-from-scratch sauces, gravy and dips. 

Using all-natural herbs, real chicken bones and condiments, the menu promises no MSG, no additives, and no preservatives providing you and your family a healthy and nutritious dinner.

They even make their own Golden Potato Cakes from scratch by forming them and searing them on both sides.

They deliver in insulated boxes to keep your food fresh in transit

As a modern tingkat delivery in Singapore, Fresher Dinners makes sure to prioritize food safety and freshness.

Have a peace of mind on delivery day, as your dinners are kept safely chilled throughout the journey from kitchen to delivery to your home.  

Simply receive your dinners for the week and keep them fresh in the chiller for easy access anytime. 

Residents will be pleased to know Fresher Dinners tingkat delivey spans islandwide in Singapore, including locations like condominiums, private housing, and even to Sentosa at a flat rate of $8. 

Feeding a large family? Just relax with easy, hassle free preparation

Fresher Dinner tingkat dishes are delivered via a unique blast chilling method.

Globally, blast chilling is a commonly used method in the food industry to keep the food fresh by controlling the temperature. This means no preservatives, and no additives are used.

Once piping hot and cooked, the food goes into a giant blast chiller and it locks in the freshness and nutrients by bringing it down to 0-5 degree celsius.

As it is cold, the food is safe from bacteria, since bacteria is usually grown at room temperatures. 


Did you know, the freshest sashimi flown from Japan to Singapore uses the exact same blast chilling method in order to ensure that its quality and freshness is not being compromised.

Plenty of other foodstuffs like pastries, farm fresh meats are snap chilled as well!  

Enjoy the flexibility of preparing your dishes at at any time.

Simply follow their simple heating methods using either the oven, stovetop, steamer or microwave and your dinners are piping hot in under 7 minutes. 

Ultra Flexible Subscription plans, you can even cancel anytime!

Fresher Dinners understands the struggle of facing last minute change in plans.

With the flexibility to Cancel Anytime, you can enjoy Fresher Dinners one week, and eat out the next, no commitment needed. 

If you are looking to cook or dine out on other days, the 3 Dinner plan is a great option for you.

If you are looking for hassle-free dinners every day, the 5 dinner plan is a great option for you. 

Come home to fresher dinners

Fresher Dinners Tingkat Delivery are available in plans for families from 2 persons to 4 persons, for 3 Dinners or 5 Dinners

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