Starting from 28th Feb 2022, we will be switching from Sundays 6-10pm to Mondays 3pm – 6pm.


With effect from 27th February, there will be no Sunday deliveries. Wednesday deliveries will remain.

With the changes, we promise an even Fresher Dinners experience.

Here’s why:

Dinners will be prepped on Sundays and cooked on Mondays.

This means you will get even fresher dishes, especially vegetables and rice, being of better quality.

Dinners are delivered closer to your consumption time.

This means you will not need to compromise on fridge space, with Dinner Set A being consumed upon delivery.

With WFH arrangements mostly still in place.

We have made the decision to switch to an afternoon timeslot. We will continue to receive your feedback and hope to provide 2 timeslot selections in the future for more flexibility.

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